(Bonus Exp) Endurance: A Great Christmas! is an Advent Pack level added to the game as part of the Advent Calendar promotion. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team 14197 experience.

During the weekend of the level's release, 150% of the normal experience was rewarded upon completion. The level title continued to include "Bonus Exp" even after the experience returned to normal.


The enemies for this are Whisper Men, Spoonheads and Snowmen.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Black Whisper ManEnemy Black

Whisper Man

Black ??? 100 450 2 Geist: Lock II 1
Blue SpoonheadEnemy Green

Blue Spoonhead

Green ??? 100 220 1
Gold SpoonheadEnemy Green

Gold Spoonhead

Green ??? 100 540 2
Red SpoonheadEnemy Green

Red Spoonhead

Green ??? 100 800 3

Blue Snowman

Blue ??? 100 500 2

Green Snowman

Green ??? 100 700 3 Black Ice: Convert to black 1

Red Snowman

Red ??? ??? ??? 1 Yellow Ice: Convert to yellow 1
Great IntelligenceEnemy Black

Great Intelligence

Black 20k 200 900 3 Reform: Summon 1


Wave Enemies
1 Whisper Man
2 Whisper Man Blue-painted Spoonhead
3 Gold-painted Spoonhead Gold-painted Spoonhead Red-painted Spoonhead
4 Whisper Man
5 Blue-painted Spoonhead Red-painted Spoonhead Whisper Man
6 Blue Snowman Blue Snowman Green Snowman
7 Whisper Man
8 Whisper Man Blue Snowman Green Snowman
9 Red Snowman Red Snowman Blue Snowman Green Snowman
10 Great Intelligence Whisper Man Whisper Man

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