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For the enemy character, see The Church.

Church Bishop is a Yellow Black Offensive companion with a Damage power.

Church Bishop is a Rare Drop in the level Unholy Alliance: A New Ally (Chapter 2).

Attributes Edit

Church Bishop has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
11 102 1 200
20 594 5 480
30 834 33 1234
40 1337 54 1754
41 1414 58 1773 531
50 2063 86 2608 782
60 2935 123 3728 1118

Powers Edit

Church Bishop has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
2 Attack-power Reinforcement 9 turns Deal 500 damage to all enemies.
3 Attack-power Reinforcement 8 turns Deal 1500 damage to all enemies.
4 Attack-power Reinforcement 7 turns Deal 2000 damage to all enemies.
5 Attack-power Reinforcement 10 turns Deal 20% damage to enemies current HP.
6 Attack-power Reinforcement 9 turns Deal 22% damage to enemies current HP.

Outfits Edit

Church Bishop currently has the following outfits:

Image Church Bishop
Default Church Bishop Portrait
Drop Default
Appearance "A Good Man Goes to War"

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