The Daleks are alien mutant cyborgs from the planet Skaro, created by Davros. Their main goal is to exterminate any non-Dalek lifeform. The Time War was the final conflict between the Daleks and the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

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Name Description/Image
Time War Dalek Time War Dalek
Time War Dalek


Flying Dalek
Aristotle Dalek A Aristotle Dalek A
Aristotle Dalek B Aristotle Dalek B
Ironside Dalek Ironside Dalek
Asylum Dalek Asylum Dalek
Supreme Dalek Supreme Dalek
Strategist Dalek Strategist Dalek
Eternal Dalek Eternal Dalek
Drone Dalek Drone Dalek
Scientist Dalek Scientist Dalek
Special Weapons Dalek Special Weapons Dalek
Pixelated Dalek Dalek Pixelated
Pixelated Glider Dalek Glider Dalek Pixelated
Pixelated Spider Dalek Spider Dalek Pixelated
Pixelated Temporal Weapon Dalek Temporal Weapon Dalek Pixelated
Cartoony Dalek A Dalek Kids Area A
Cartoony Dalek B Dalek Kids Area B
Retro Comic Dalek A Dalek Retro Comic A
Retro Comic Dalek B Dalek Retro Comic B
Retro Comic Dalek C Dalek Retro Comic C
Retro Comic Dalek D Dalek Retro Comic D

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