Dorium Maldovar is a Blue Blue Tank companion with a Healing power.

Dorium Maldovar is a Rare Drop in the level A Good Man Goes to War: The 12th Cyber Legion (Chapter 2).

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Attributes Edit

Dorium Maldovar has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
11 313 5 88
20 1054 20 245
30 2434 54 684
40 3579 111 921
41 3579 111 921 92
50 4513 164 1124 112
60 6289 235 1553 155

Powers Edit

Dorium Maldovar has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
2 Heal-power Glowing Chain 10 turns Heal allies for 500 HP.
3 Heal-power Softly Pulsing Gem 9 turns Heal allies for 1500 HP.
4 Heal-power Book of Incantations 8 turns Heal allies for 2000 HP.
5 Heal-power Healing Talisman 7 turns Heal allies for 30% Max HP.
6 Heal-power Healing Talisman 7 turns Heal allies for 35% Max HP.


Dorium Maldovar currently has the following outfits:

Image Dorium Maldovar
Default Dorium Maldovar Portrait
Drop Default
Appearance "A Good Man Goes to War"

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