The Fan Favorite Allies Series are a series of allies and companions added to the Doctor Who: Legacy Game based on feedback from the fans in social networks. The fan favourite allies can be found in levels of the game or bought on the store or on the character roll. They can also be unlocked via special codes received from the developers to winners of special quizzes and competitions.


The following characters are part of the Fan Favorite Allies Series.

Character Color Drop Add'l Costumes
Handles Yellow Sontaran Disturbance: A Good Man Goes to War
Stormageddon Black Infestation
Adipose (Blue) Blue Zygon Ambush: Nefertiti and Riddell
Martha Jones Red Time Attack: Angels
Third Doctor Yellow Church Paradox

Promotional ImagesEdit

These images were uploaded to the official Facebook to promote the Fan Favorite Allies Series.

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