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Madame Vastra is a Yellow Blue Offensive companion with a Damage power.

Madame Vastra is a 100% Drop in the level Tutorial (Chapter 1).

Attributes Edit

Madame Vastra has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
1 65 12 70
10 130 35 165
20 484 143 578
30 953 193 1206
40 1206 285 1780
41 1212 292 1871 561
50 1768 431 2753 825
60 2515 618 3935 1180

Power Edit

Madame Vastra has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
1 Attack-power Riposte 9 turns Deal 150 damage to all enemies.
2 Attack-power Expose Weakness 8 turns Deal 500 damage to all enemies.
3 Attack-power Exploit Weakness 7 turns Deal 1000 damage to all enemies.
4 Attack-power Twist the Blade 6 turns Deal 2000 damage to all enemies.
5 Attack-power Twist the Blade 10 turns Deal 20% damage to enemies current HP.
6 Attack-power Twist the Blade 10 turns Deal 22% damage to enemies current HP.

Outfits Edit

Madame Vastra currently has the following outfits:

(click to enlarge)
Madame Vastra Madame Vastra Battle Madame Vastra Ninja
Default Madame Vastra Portrait Battle Madame Vastra Battle Portrait Ninja Madame Vastra Ninja Portrait
Drop Default A Good Man Goes to War: Demons Run A rough landing, part 1
Appearance "The Crimson Horror" "A Good Man Goes to War" "Deep Breath"
(click to enlarge)
Madame Vastra Kids Area Madame Vastra Pixelated
Cartoony Madame Vastra Kids Area Portrait Pixelated Madame Vastra Pixelated Portrait
Drop N/A Death on the battlefield
Appearance Regular Appearance Regular Appearance

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