Robot of Sherwood is the third level of Season 8. Clearing the level earns each character on the player's team E:10957/ M:19957/ H:22634 experience. The rare drop for the level is Clara Oswald's Fair Maiden outfit.


The enemies for this level are several Robot Knights and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Enemy Gem color HP Defence Attack / cooldown Power / cooldown
Robot Knight BEnemy Blue

Robot Knight B 1 / 2

Blue E:16k, M:25k, H:200k E:0, M:250, H:2200 E:300, M:1k, H:6500 E:2, M:1, H:2 Laser burst: Damage: 50% current HP 3
Burn: Convert green and another color of gems to red 1
Blue E:16k, M:25k, H:200k E:0, M:250, H:3300 E:400, M:1k, H:5k E:1, M:1, H:3 Detain: Stun target for 2 Turns 1
Robot Knight AEnemy Blue

Robot Knight A

Blue E:16k, M:25k, H:200k E:0, M:250, H:2300 E:350, M:1k, H:2500 1 Steal gold: Remove yellow gems 1
Radiation: Poison 10%/turn for 10 turns 1
Sheriff of NottinghamEnemy Black

Sheriff of Nottingham

Black E:40k, M:75k, H:420k E:0, M:500, H:3400 E:1k, M:5k, H:4700 E:3, M:2, H:2 Mock: Stun all allies 1
Lock: Lock I: column 1
Surrender!: Lock I: corners 1
Huzzah!: Heal 1


Wave Enemies
1 Robot Knight B 1 Robot Knight A
2 Robot Knight B 2 Robot Knight B 1
3 Robot Knight A Robot Knight B 2
4 Sheriff of Nottingham

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