Strax is a Red Yellow Balanced companion with a Healing power.

Strax is a Rare Drop in the level The Snowmen: The Great Intelligence (Chapter 1) and a 100% Drop in the level Desert wastes of Gallifrey (Bigger on the Inside Chapter 1).

Attributes Edit

Strax has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
1 55 22 28
10 123 78 96
20 331 253 255
30 884 577 598
40 1245 785 951
41 1262 877 1093 327
50 1842 1295 1608 482
60 2620 1855 2299 689

Power Edit

Strax has the following special power at each rank:

Rank Power Cooldown Description
1 Heal-power Bandage 10 turns Heal allies for 100 HP.
2 Heal-power Healing Touch 9 turns Heal allies for 500 HP.
3 Heal-power Rejuvenate 8 turns Heal allies for 1500 HP.
4 Heal-power Inspire 7 turns Heal allies for 2000 HP.
5 Heal-power Inspire 7 turns Heal allies for 30% Max HP
6 Heal-power Bandage 7 turns Heal allies for 35% Max HP

Outfits Edit

Strax currently has the following outfits:

(click to enlarge)
Strax Strax Armour Fan Area Strax
Default Strax Portrait Sontaran armor Strax Armor Portrait Sontaran helmet & armor Strax Helmet Portrait
Drop Default A Good Man Goes to War: An Unholy Alliance Time attack: Bubble universe Delta part 4 / (Hard) Strax has a bad dream (by unlocking Fan area Strax)
Appearance Regular Appearance Regular Appearance "A Good Man Goes to War"
(click to enlarge)
Strax Kids Area Strax Pixelated
Cartoony Strax Kids Area Portrait Pixelated Strax Pixelated Portrait
Drop Snowy Party! Desert wastes of Gallifrey
Appearance Regular Appearance Regular Appearance

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