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For the enemy character, see Tasha Lem (enemy).

Tasha Lem is a Black Green Healer companion with a Cure Poison power.

Tasha Lem is a Rare Drop in the level The Time of the Doctor: A crack in time (Chapter 3).

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Tasha Lem has the following attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
1 49 29 14
10 106 145 49
20 275 483 150
30 555 1041 318
40 944 1820 552
41 989 1911 579 173
50 1444 2820 852 255
60 2054 4040 1218 365


Tasha Lem has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
1 Cure-power Papal salvation 8 turns Cure poison.
2 Cure-power Papal salvation 7 turns Cure poison.
3 Cure-power Papal salvation 6 turns Cure poison.
4 Cure-power Papal salvation 5 turns Cure poison.
5 Cure-power Papal salvation 4 turns Cure poison.
6 Cure-power Papal salvation 4 turns Cure poison.


Tasha Lem currently has the following outfits:

Image Tasha Lam
Default Tasha Lem Portrait
Drop Default
Appearance "The Time of The Doctor"

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