For the Chapter 2 levels, see The Girl Who Waited (disambiguation).

The Girl Who Waited is a Green Red Balanced companion with a Damage power.

The Girl Who Waited is a Rare Drop in the level The Girl Who Waited: Sacrifice (Chapter 2).

A version of companion Amy Pond unnaturally aged in a parallel time stream, The Girl Who Waited is associated with the Eleventh Doctor and Rory Williams.

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Attributes Edit

The Girl Who Waited has the following base attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
11 145 25 115
20 675 145 305
30 1579 234 679
40 2579 334 821
41 2579 334 821 246
50 2879 464 1389 416
60 4025 692 1988 596

Powers Edit

The Girl Who Waited has the following special power at each rank.

Rank Power Cooldown Description
2 Attack-power Sonic Probe 9 turns Deal 500 damage to all enemies.
3 Attack-power Sonic Probe 8 turns Deal 1500 damage to all enemies.
4 Attack-power Sonic Probe 7 turns Deal 2000 damage to all enemies.
5 Attack-power Sonic Probe 10 turns Deal 20% damage to enemies current HP.
6 Attack-power Sonic Probe 12 turns Deal 27% damage to enemies current HP.

Outfits Edit

The Girl Who Waited currently has the following outfits:

Image The Girl Who Waited
Default The Girl Who Waited Portrait
Drop Default
Appearance "The Girl Who Waited"

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