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Daily UNIT missions

  • Daily UNIT missions will soon be added to the game. These are described in today's newsletter:

    • Daily UNIT Missions appear randomly across all level ranges of story mode, replacing the original levels. You can find them tagged as "DAILY".
    • Daily UNIT Missions provides unique rewards within these levels -- Fragments of the Past and Fragments of the Future -- which can be used for character stat upgrades. The levels also contain their standard drops but with a higher drop rate!
    • Everyday there will be levels chosen as the new Daily UNIT mission, and there is no limitation on how many times they can be done within one day.

    How do you think we should handle these? I think it's too much effort to create an alternate page for a level that's active for just for one day.

    I would suggest adding a note to the intro saying, "This level was a Daily UNIT Mission on (date)".

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    • I think the best way to handle this would be creating a page listing all levels that have been part of the Daily UNIT mission listed on descending order, like:

      5th June level

      4th June level

      3rd June level

      2nd June level

      1st June level

      31th May level

      etc etc etc

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    • What would be the best section for this page? It doesn't really fit into any existing category. I thought maybe Promotions, but that's not quite right.

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    • Yes. I think Promotions would fit it quite well.

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    • We could add a page about the Daily Login Bonus while we're at it, since I don't think that information is captured anywhere on the wiki.

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    • i basically-agree (list dailies in a list - with a link to regular original-level info); but i have some questions... most of my questions will become self-evident once the levels and their changes materialize, of course...

      will some sort of script be useful ?? it looks like there have been script-issues with the ERD weekly-updates not rolling into 2016 correctly (which i have not researched beyond noticing some comments somewhere) - so i hesitate to use code when simple-typing will do...

      if the daily-unit-missions are actually-random; then wouldnt it be likely that within a month we would get the same-level chosen as the daily-mission again ?? assuming so (levels will be chosen multiple times) - then maybe a SECOND listing (of when-chosen) should be a part of the levels-themselves ??

      idk - just thinking... h.

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    • There was no problem with the ERD script. The issue was due to a weekly level having the wrong year, so the script didn't register it as the most recent.

      The other issues you raise, I have no idea whether the level selection will be truly random or just have the appearance of randomness. Let's wait and see.

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    • Felicityk wrote: There was no problem with the ERD script. The issue was due to a weekly level having the wrong year, so the script didn't register it as the most recent.

      ooh - cool... glad it (script) is/was ok... noticed and played the first daily-unit-mission... i am enjoying (now that i am used to it) the new art overlays (for daily and new [ERD]) ... just checking in to see how (if) i can help...  :) h.

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    • ok - i was bold - i tried something... feel free to delete/rename/whatever...

      in particular, i am now on a quest to setup a calendar-type template... apparently, getting a simple-calendar extension is a whole big REQUEST for wikia since it is not enabled by default... i see a little MOTX (message-of-the-X, like Day, etc.) template that i plan to try out; but maybe i should do so over on my own wikia-first, so i dont pollute this one with my mistakes...

      hth, h.

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    • I see what you did and I'm confused why you added a line about category when category should just be another tag, like Needs Improvement.

      Also, we really envisioned just a list. I don't think we need the first level mentioned in the intro paragraph, just the date it began.

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    • So, looking how the Daily UNIT mission looks now, I fear it may get confusing after a few weeks of updates. Instead of simply listing them as we're doing now, what about make a table such as this one? Any opinions/suggestions about this? This way, each day we can create a new row for the table, making the page more organized.

      PS: The reason the 2nd, 3rd,etc rows look weird, flat is because there isn't anything written on it now, As soon as we add something there, it will look "normal"

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    • A table probably makes more sense, I agree.

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    • well done... i [tried/] started to get way-too-fancy with sub-pages and junk... yalls version looks great !!  :-)

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    • btw - this is more of a question about the main-menu... but... to get this is-the-right-spot(?) for the main-menu-system, we need an admin to change the file: MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation and add: **Daily_UNIT_Missions ... if it were me, i would change the ordering a bit as well by moving **Fan Area to first-position, then maybe UNIT second (since it is currently active), then maybe Category:Promotions or some-way-to-represent the Discontinued-stuff organizationally ?? somehow it seems that there might be a need(?) [also] to summarize what-has-happened before vs. what-is-currently-around... maybe even just a historical-type of area ? idk...

      i might type a bit-more into the intro and/or play with the table if it is ok... again, as always, feel free to edit/delete/rename/etc... oh yeah, that weird thing that i put into the page about Category-whatever was something i noticed in my "research" and "trial-and-errors" since i was in a fancy-pants mood...  :-)

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    • I posted to Alpha's wall asking him to put Daily UNIT Missions in the Promotions menu, but I don't know if he's been around to see it.

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    • i was snooping around (actauly trying to figure out where/how the ERD script is/works) and noticed that the 'official' way to get help from an admin (in alphas-absense thru dec2016) is to ask five-of-eight...

      5of8 was last here at the end-of-march... however, i bet if you poked him/her via their wall - theyd check in...

      btw - how (or where) DOES the ERD-script do its job of moving-the-weekly-ERD-level into discontinued ? or is it a manual-thing ? idk - i saw a really bizarre user-acct dan-barnes-davies that started making an endless-loop of ERD-type lists...

      ive been playing with my own-wikia-area and was able to create a bot-acct and get the calendar-extension turned on (as an idea for daily-updatings) and wanted to look-at the ERD-script for ideas too...

      anyways - long babble; the gist being "try 5-of-8" for the promo-menu issue...  :-)

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    • I manually discontinue the last ERD page and then create the new one each Monday morning. What the script does is explained at Fan Area/ERD. It was built by Prof. Chronotis.

      I'll post on Fiveofeight's wall about the menus.

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    • cool !! tyvm...  :)

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    • i went ahead and redid the format a bit (hope it is ok)... Tried to match the ERD stuff and make it easier for the hand-editing that happens... also, it is quite-possible that one of us might miss a day and so it is fairly easy (imho) this way...

      ive been quite-frustrated with the (fragments) one-column-only-centering issue and i apologize for all the edits [and /undos] i did before trying it in my sandbox for awhile instead...  :-/

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    • I felt that having to expand twice was overkill, so I reduced it to once.

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    • But thanks for introducing me to the expand/collapse function, which I have now implemented on the main pages for the Fan Area and The Event to initially hide the discontinued levels.

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    • I have changed them to buttons like we do on the category pages of convert characters

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    • Thanks, Alpha, that looks better.

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    • felicity, very cool that you made a weekly-bonus page that matches the daily-missions page... and that it is in promotions-category... hopefully (unless youve already mentioned it to him), alpha will see it and add it as the second-item in the promotions-menu... removing the "stale" fan-favorites/allies from third-position and moving the fan-area over into 3rd place... that would make the promotions menu seem current/correct too... very nice... [knock-knock] alpha? [/k]  :-)

      edit/ps - i guess there IS some randomness because the daily-level finally repeated... from statistics class, i remember (probability was 50+%) in a class-of-30-people that two-will-have-same-birthday; hence my earlier-comment about #-levels (in ch.1) requiring a repeat within a month... i hated statistics/probability class tho...  :-P

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    • Yes, it does look like there's some randomness. Maybe next month they will move on to Chapter 2.

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    • hmmm - guess they started ch.2 early (today)... altho something is going weird with my phones cuz i cannot play the game in any meaningful way... it is possible that i created the issues tho - since ive been rebooting and installing/uninstalling some apps that might have hijacked the processor on my old-devices... have fun, h.

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    • Just a heads up that I'll be out of town through September 6; I trust others can take care of the daily update in my absence. I'll keep track of them just in case any get missed.

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    • been thinking about this for awhile - but just putting the idea out-there...

      should the past-table be "expired" eventually ? it is kinda-nice to see all the old days and be able to sort them and stuff... but id think that after 3/4/6/12 months - it might just be better to stick the table somewhere and only keep the more-recent-past... about the only thing (at this point) that i might find useful with the past-data is: has xxx-level been a daily choice yet ?

      for fun, im going to try putting in some "placeholders" for chapter-boundaries... idk - just some thoughts...

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    • Yeah, I think the table's becoming a bit long as well. However, we tend to keep track of what was once released (even if it can't be acessed anymore, like the Advent Calendar page).

      I think the best option may be creating a table for each month. So it would end up like this

      This way, we can both keep the information on the page and the tables small.

      The only thing I'm uncertain of is if there is a way to make one of the tables open without making all of them open at once.

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    • If there is a way to expand only one table, then I think separating by month is a good idea.

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    • There is a way, but you have to to into source mode to make those changes. @OncomingStorm lemme mess around your page.

      EDIT: Done, take a look at the source and you should be able to tell the difference.

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    • Oh, I see Alpha. Later on I'll go messing around with this and try to implement the changes into the page.

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    • EDIT: 

      @Alpha , I finished moving the levels already released into the tables, but the levels aren't being sorted as they are on the current table. Could you give a hand with that as well?

      ps: sorry, I'm not that good with sortable coding

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    • just added sortable to wikitable-class in your sandbox... hth, h.

      one interesting thing that gets 'lost' by month-tables is how to determine if a level has EVER been a daily-level... on the all-in-one-table, sorting-by-level, i was able to see that 1.11/1.27/1.42 are the only missing chapter-1 levels... there are lots of missing-levels in ch.2 and up; but just for curiousity i would wonder when chapter-1 had been completely covered by the randomness... idk - just some silly stuff i think about...

      hmmm - how about two tables ? the latest-month and then all-the-rest-of-the-history ? idk... just thinking aloud... or, being bold - i could put it the current page ?

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    • If I am honest, very few people would care about the missions too old and keep adding them to the page is going to make this page too long, too long would make the page take too slow to load and edit etc. I propose an atlernative, simply have a link saying for older missions, please refer to a seperate archive page. That way you don' have to worry about it being too long.

      As the archive page gets too long turn them into tab pages sortable by year.

      P.S One more thing I should explain, hidden items on the page are actually loaded when you open the page. However when you use tabs, only the default tab would be loaded.

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    • sounds cool - maybe when the history-section gets to the one-year anniversary, move it to a separate page that is tab-able ? idk - i finished fiddling for now; whatever further ideas (or reverts) is great...

      have fun, h.

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    • I just took another look, the page is definitely too bulky in terms of data, it's currently 25kb. The other page we have a lot of data is the convert team page. which is currently at 15kb (it was 120kb when I first noticed a loading issue). On average, It's around 150 byte for each daily update, that's around 55kb per year. 55kb is too much for 1 page, I recommend spliting them by quarterly tabs (i.e Q3 2016, Q4 2016 etc) instead so each tab won't be more than 15kb.

      EDIT: Since I was on the subject of long pages with too much data, I thought i will tell those of you who are admins, in the admins dashboard > advanced, there is a maintenance section. Under that section you can find a list of pages too large under long pages. You guys might wnat to keep an eye out here. For example the fan area page and fixed team page probably needs trimming down as well. 

      EDIT2: Recommended fix for fan area, move Discontiued levels to a sperate archive page like what I said about the daily mission. If you guys think it's still too large then move Allies and Outfits section to tabs as well under the a new section call Drops.

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    • I have kept the current and previous months' missions on the main page and created an archive page for earlier months. I'll keep an eye on the size and add tabs as necessary.

      I will make the changes Alpha suggested to the Fan Area page as well.

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    • I divided Fixed Teams into tabs, in what seemed like a logical fashion to me. I also created Fan Area (Archive) and The Event (Archive) for discontinued levels in those two sections.

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    • wow - all the adjustments and new pages look way-cool...

      hope yall dont mind, but i futzed with the fan-area-archive page to make the first-column sortable by version/date since the titles didnt really sort that way easily...

      im a bit surprised that 25k is a large size for loading, but it is great that things can be reorganized fairly easily to fix that too...  :-)

      eta - v.59 (sic) is the only one which seems out-of-date-title... i think it should be 5/6 not 6/5 since the other (sic) versions got renamed, afaict... idk - whatever... h.

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    • I don't understand what you mean about renaming the (sic) pages. All of them have the title used in the game, not the correct date, thus the use of (sic). Since the ERD script was implemented, I just create a redirect page with the correct date for the week.

      In any case, I don't think it's worth changing anything on archive pages. As Alpha said, very few users will be interested in the old material and we're only keeping it archived for the sake of completion.

      Thanks for adding the version number, though, that's a good idea.

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    • hey ho... i thought i was a bit cross-eyed this morning when i saw TWO new levels for the daily-missions... guess it has been happening for a couple of days now... iirc, the reason i noticed was because each new daily-mission was for a different chapter...

      q: do we 'know' that the missions will now have both a chapter-one and chapter-two (or higher) component ?

      just curious really... btw - i like the row-span used to make the table look neat...  :-)

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    • I asked on Facebook and didn't get any detail other than there will be two missions per day for the time being.

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    • cool... thx for asking...  :)

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    • A Fandom user
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