• As the title says, I wanted to start a discussion on how to deal with the "Drop/Source" column of Category:Companions: The game keeps growing and I have the feeling that the used abbreviations are getting more and more "obscure" / hard to remember (and certainly the "X" I used for 2016 Xmas doesn't help either ;-) ).

    I would like to change things a bit, and had some ideas to improve:

    1. Don't list such detailed drop locations, but only the more generic categories "Chapter", "Special", "Premium", "Fan", "Store", "Code" mostly according to the in-game tabs and remove the level information altogether. Detailed information can be found on the character pages anyway. Missing the Expert isn't great, but I don't want to introduce special rules for some sub-categories only.
    2. Stop using abbreviations. The biggest drawback here is probably the table layout itself: It is a big table and this will probably make it bigger (though damage can maybe be minimized via CSS) to improve information that imo isn't that important for the presented data.
    3. Remove that column including its content completely from the table. Most of this information should be accessible via Category:Allies by season, so overall we shouldn't lose much.

    My current favorite currently is the first method (looser categorization) and if no one has anything to say about it, I probably will just change it sometime in the future.

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    • I agree that it needs to be changed, and I would favor dropping that column altogether. The column is useful to compare colors, powers, and stats, but drop location doesn't need to be part of that.

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    • That certainly is my second favorite way to deal with this, so unless others chip in, I will just remove this column altogether. ;-)

      If we drop that information, would you/others be in favor of changing the sort order to be alphabetically (or maybe by color like the grid)? I have no problem to keep the current order, but especially with no indication on the page it seems a bit random to me.

      BTW: And unless someone really feels bored, it probably best when I make the change (whatever we agree on): I have a a script generating the wiki-code for that category out of data I have stored, so dropping the whole column should take me <1min.

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    • I would favor sorting by color.

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    • I don't think much will be lost if we remove the column.

      Other than the whole "too generic names" issue brought up by ThatDWLguy, the number of allies dropping on different areas of the game is increasing (The Twelfth Doctor, River Song, etc.) and choosing to list one area rather than the other seems very arbitrary.

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    • I've gone ahead and changed the category accordingly (since I'm not sure if there is any really regular contributor left that hasn't voiced his opinion) since we have quite a clear consensus. I'm planning on doing the same for Category:The Doctor.

      EDIT: changes also applied to Category:The Doctor.

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    • im late to the party - but just mentioning that the changes (external and INternal) look great... that internal-location-code-stuff was pretty arbitrary (and a redo of category-info), so removing it was the right answer...

      minor-nit: the doctor-table seems to go offscreen (rhs) while the companions-table is fine... ie (code): using an article-table screws up right-side-alignment, whereas a normal wiki-table works fine... maybe it is just my browser-setup (chromebook-defaults+updates) that has this problem... and oddly, it is probably more-important to know whether the tables have edge-issues on the mobile-phone browsers instead.... idk... mostly fyi... or q: does anyone else notice the difference in the tables that i do ?

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    • I can't say anything on the usability on mobile (and well - large tables on mobile are a thing that are problematic in itself, so I'm not sure if it is worthwhile to pursue that). From a quick look at the Mobile-Preview the Grid itself is more problematic (and the fact that the spoiler-buttons don't work and both Grid/Tables are always shown fully)

      And yes, the Doctor table is wider as the screen-width (for me and I think on all normal desktop-settings), resulting in a horizontal scroll bar. It might be probably to improve this via some wiki/css stuff, but I don't see it as problematic enough to try to optimize it.

      We could remove the "Type" column for the Doctor category - from my preview this solves the problem and since they currently all Balanced anyway we could add a sentence and not even miss any information (and I somehow don't expect to see a non-Balanced Doctor soonish).

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    • ah - the problem i was having was that it was cut-off, but NOT presenting me with a horizontal scroll-bar... altho it was only missing by a character or two... basically the code for 'article-table' doesnt seem to know the correct details of the width... personally, i think just changing it to wiki-table would fix the issue...

      however, i agree that balanced-type is basically unnecessary also... i will go ahead and switch the code to say 'wiki-table' and see if it sorts-itself for me, and if yall remove the extra column too - great...

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    • too funny - 30 seconds between edits... sorry about that...  :-)

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