• So have any of you watched this film with a nice Doctor Who cameo, I wonder if the film has to be censored for Chinese cinemas since Doctor Who is banned in China.

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    • I haven't actually watched it yet, but from reviews I've read, and fan coments as well, the Daleks seem to have quite a small role. It seems they only appear as background characters (although they appear in a lot of these), with a few lines, and are always refered as "British robots", never by "Daleks" itself. Maybe only their lines will be censored, but not the whole movie.

      On a side note: why is Doctor Who banned in China?

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    • I think you're right that the name "Dalek" is never mentioned. I enjoyed the film and it was fun to see the colorful Daleks that have been pretty much ignored since "Victory of the Daleks".

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    • Yeah, as much as I think they were very weird-looking, (mainly because their "neck" and the fact their "feet" and the weapons support were much larger than those of other Daleks) I think it's a shame that they were featured in such a few stories. If I'm not wrong, the only other story they appear is The Only Good Dalek.

      On a side note, I really wish LEGO would announce a Doctor Who movie, or at least a video game (featuring all 12 Doctors). Though, being honest, a video game would be easier to do, because there is usually very few dialogue on them (and LEGO video games are also very cool to play, overall)

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    • All time travelling films and tv series are banned in China, including back to the future. I am not too sure why but supposedly it has something to do with rewriting history which the Chinese government consider taboo. However I am fairly certain there are people who watch Doctor Who though but obviously they all have to pirate the show.

      And you guys are right, daleks are never named but the words exterminate can be heard.

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    • Alpha1812 wrote: I am not too sure why but supposedly it has something to do with rewriting history which the Chinese government consider taboo.

      Well that was... unexpected. Anyway, everyday we learn something, don't we?

      Also, the Daleks look so "cute" on LEGO, it's even kinda hard to remember the deadly machines they are. Though, to be honest, almost everything looks "cute" on LEGO.

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    • I should say though the rule is a bit wibbly-wobbly because after the rule was introduced, the film Looper was allowed and was very profitable there.

      Speaking of Lego Daleks, I thought the moment they were made into plushes, they already became cute. Then I can't stop but see them as henchmen of other villains like Darvos or the Master and are easily beaten by the Doctor.

      However 1 little trivia I notice with the Daleks in the Lego Batman Movie, there were more white daleks than any other colour, in fact there were probably fewest red daleks. This would imply there are more dalek supremes than any other daleks and there are barely any dalek drones.

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