• Do we have anyone proficient in determining enemy stats who currently has access to the Fan Area? We need stats filled in for all levels in Category:Needs Improvement.

    This is something I've never got the hang of, and don't have time for anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

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    • Look, I won't promise I'll take a look anytime soon, but I'll try.

      Anyway, I'll leave my "Finding stats" team here, for anyone who might want to do this:

      The Sixth Doctor, Reinette, UNIT Soldier, Sarah Jane Smith, Cinder and Punishment Soldier (all of them Rank 6, but if you don't have them on Rank 6, it should work anyway.)

      What I do is:

      Then, I see the value given to me, and do a rule of three to see the maximum HP of the enemy. I suggest attempting a few levels where we already have stats, to see "if you are doing it right", and then move on to Category:Needs Improvement

      PS: Felicityk, I don't know if you already highlithed this thread, but I'm doing it for good measure, in case you didn't

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    • Thanks, that is helpful and I may try it myself. What is the best way to find defence?

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    • Well, that team has a lot of colors, so i try to make very small combos (match only 3 gems and reeeeealy hope nothing else "matches by itself").

      Make a small combo, see how much a character is supposed to attack (that is, the number that will appear over the character's Portrait), and how much damage was done.

      Basically: (Value displayed on the ally portrait) - (Damage suffered by the enemy) = defense

      Also, pay attention to the colors. If you use a green character to find defense, never use it against a blue or red (because the values will get affected by the weakness of certain colors).

      So, if you're using:

      • red ally --> don't use it against green or blue
      • green ally --> don't use it against blue or red
      • blue ally --> don't use it against green or red
      • yellow ally --> don't use it against black
      • black ally --> don't use it against yellow

      (Sorry if it ended up being confusing; if it was, I'll try and reprhase it)

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