Vincent Van Gogh is a Blue Green Balanced companion with a Reset power.

Vincent Van Gogh is a Rare Drop in the level Vincent and the Doctor (Chapter 3).


Vincent Van Gogh has the following attributes:

Level HP-icon HP Heal-icon Heal ATK-icon ATK ATK-icon ATK2
1 112 10 28
10 244 50 95
20 630 167 292
30 1268 360 617
40 2159 629 1070
41 2262 661 1122 390
50 3301 975 1651 495
60 4696 1397 2361 703


Vincent Van Gogh has the following special power at each rank:

Rank Power Cooldown Description
1 Color-power Genius 10 turns Reset all gems.
2 Color-power Genius 9 turns Reset all gems.
3 Color-power Genius 8 turns Reset all gems.
4 Color-power Genius 7 turns Reset all gems.
5 Color-power Genius 6 turns Reset all gems.
6 Color-power Genius 6 turns Reset all gems.


Vincent Van Gogh currently has the following outfits:

(click to enlarge)
Vincent Van Gogh updated Vincent Van Gogh Signature Vincent Van Gogh
Default Vincent Van Gogh Portrait Historical Vincent Van Gogh Historical Portrait Signature Vincent Van Gogh Signed Portrait
Drop Default Store only 2015 Christmas

(by unlocking Signature Vincent Van Gogh)

Appearance "Vincent and The Doctor" Historical "Vincent and The Doctor"

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